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I have purchased many pens for my collection over time and quickly learned the hard way how important it is to find a reputable dealer. I became associated with Bryant Greer and Chatterly Pens at Pentime.com through the Fountain Pen Network. He has a stellar reputation on the pen boards for his knowledge of pens, the customer service he provides and his always competitive pricing. My first several purchases from Bryant were made entirely via email. Each and every pen was exactly as described if not better. When Bry and I first talked on the phone, it was like talking to good friend. His affable, laid back demeanor along with his willingness to share his knowledge and his love of pens is delightful. I always feel comfortable and content buying from Bryant knowing that he stands behind the products he represents and never pressures me to purchase. I had the good fortune to finally meet and spend time Bry in Dallas, Texas at a pen show. There I witnessed first hand the well deserved respect and admiration Bryant gets from his suppliers, colleagues and customers alike. It seemed like everyone is a friend of Bryant’s. Well how can you not be? He is simply a great guy who always follows through with what he says he will do, stands behind the products he sells, always seems to have the best pens and prices around and does all this with the best disposition in the business. I highly recommend Bryant Greer and Chatterly Pens at Pentime.com to anyone wishing to purchase a limited or unlimited pen or accessory. It is simply not possible for you to regret the experience.


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