Chatterley Pens / Delta Dolce Vita Stantuffo Star Collection Deep Sea Limited Edition Fountain Pen




Delta’s award winning designers and pen makers bring generations of experience to create prized writing instruments for the world’s most demanding writers and collectors. This collection was inspired by the Dolce Vita genius that Delta has perfected. Dolce Vita, meaning the sweet life, is a tribute to all those that work hard and love to live life everyday, thus a collection of pens that you can enjoy whether you are working or playing.

The Star Collection, Deep Sea Limited Edition. This pens resin has remarkable shades of blue, with dark black swirls that you might see at the depths of the Ocean. The Dark Rich blues are pearlescent.

All of the pens in this collection are fitted with a 14kt gold nib, in a single tone that matches perfectly with the trim on the pen. The trim is Gold Vermeil (Gold Plating over solid Sterling Silver, stamped 925)  Also you will see that they are equipped with Delta’s patented ratcheting piston filling system, which comes with its own proven track record as one of the best in the industry. The piston sized pen is excellent as a writers pen, and the writer is rewarded with a visually appealing, well balanced pen. As an added taste of class these fine writing instruments have been adorned with a stately 8 pointed star, again in matching trim with the nib.

This collection was made for someone who wants an excellent looking user pen. With the high costs of Gold, Silver, Work and Material, we wanted to make something that would be appealing, but yet still affordable. And that’s where this collection comes into play. The price point of this collection is excellent, but does not compromise on material and craftsmanship.

Designed by Chatterley pens and produced by Delta, and available in either F,M, B, or Stub ($30 more for the Stub), Numbered to 23 Pens worldwide, the MSRP on the Stantuffo Star Collection Limited Edition Fountain Pen is $695.


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