Chatterley Pens / Stipula Etruria Mila Gold Rush Limited Edition Fountain Pen #01/20




Up for sale is the #1 pen in the edition, the rest of the edition is sold out, this is the last one that we have.

Chatterley Pens & Stipula are bringing another exclusive Beautiful celluloid pen. With a  14kt gold nib, available in either F, M or  1.1 Stub, this exclusive was envisioned as a pen that would be great as an everyday user as well as something to be collected.

The celluloid has remarkable ripples and the rings are very complimentary to the style of the pen. This pens size and quality is consistent with Stipula’s Etruria line.

This pens trim is Sterling Silver Vermeil trim, but its Sterling Silver is brushed, creating a look that is classy but not flashy. Inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi, his influence is represented in the clip and the two rings that circle the pen.

The filling system is a in house made piston filler, again delivering a quality writing instrument.

This pen is available with an Extra Fine, Extra Flexible nib. The nib goes from EF-BB with no problem. The nibs and Feeds have been modified to do this. The flow has also been adjusted. If you have never used a flex nib, its very wise to contact me first to see if a flex nib is for you. These nibs are beautiful to write with and can really add amazing character to your writing style, but the nibs are soft. This means, the room for error is less than a standard nib. And too much pressure, or too much pressure at the wrong angle can bend or spring tines.

This pen is limited to 20 pens worldwide. Its also available in a speedball ball. The MSRP on the Etruria Mila Gold Rush Limited Edition Fountain Pen is $1150.00


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