Chatterley Pens/Delta Stantuffo Celluloid Classico Grande Limited Edition Fountain Pen




Classic and Elegant. You don’t see Black Celluloid Pens much these days. And this was my exact thought when I designed this.

True Black Celluloid, with Soft Rose Gold trim. This combination is subtle enough to use in an important meeting, but is still very mesmerizing to look at. This could be one of my favorite pens I’ve had made in quite a long time.

This is one of the newer very unique pens in as they have an oversized nib. But unlike the dolce vita oversize, prodigio or any other delta pen with the number 8 nib, this pen is a standard piston size. Still a large pen, but compared more to the piston size and still has the great #8 nib in it. As you can see in the pictures, the pen is the same size as the pen its compared (piston size), except the nib is much bigger. The Engineers at Delta recreated this size especially for Chatterley Pens. They have also fit these pens with a large Flat Ebonite feed for perfect flow.

The trims are all Rose Gold Vermeil. (Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver) The pen is bottle filled with a piston filler.

The #8 oversized nibs are in solid 14k Two toned gold, and come in fine, medium and Stub (Stubs $30 more)

A Truly Limited Edition pen, they Limited and Numbered to 23 pens worldwide. TheĀ MSRP is $1150, but email me for my great price. I also offer discounts if you buy more than one Limited Edition Chatterley Pen at a time.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Nib grade

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