Danitrio Kama-nuri Yellow Tame-nuri on a Mikado Fountain Pen

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Danitrio Kama-nuri Yellow Tame-nuri on a Mikado Fountain Pen

Danitrio brings an exciting new technique to their line of pens, Kama-nuri!

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It is similar to the previously used techniques of Kamakura-bori (Painted on carved surface) and Cho-oitsu (carving on painted layer on layer till the Urushi become thick enough to carve the design). Kama-nuri is painted on already finished Tame-nuri or Roiro-migaki first and then carving by hand on it to finish Kama-nuri, a double works. It is an exclusive technique developed by Danitrio artists. Maki-e shi work on Tame-nuri, Roiro-migaki or other basics paintings for Kama-nuri and then they are hand carved by Danitrios engraver, Mr. Kazushi Kaneda. The Kama-nuri Collection is special because they are all hand done stroke by stroke and carve by carve throughout the process.

Danitrio makes beautiful pens using the Japanese skill and craftsmanship that has been mastered over the last few thousand of years.



MSRPĀ $2,200

Nib grade -Fine, -Medium, Broad, Stub
Nib content 18kt Gold
Filling System Eye Dropper
Material Ebonite, Enamel/Lacquer/Painted
Type Fountain Pen
Color Red
Nib size #8 Oversize
Condition New
Brand Danitrio