Delta Tuareg Special Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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Delta Tuareg Special Limited Edition Fountain Pen

This pen is NOS. There is tarnish on the sterling. This can be easily polished our prior to shipping if the buyer wants. This pen has is Fine nib. The pen comes with box and papers, but a regular bottle of ink.

Delta’s continuing commitment to celebrate the Worlds’ most enduring and unchanged cultures is realized in Tuareg, the first of the 2004 Indigenous Peoples series.The Tuareg are known as “ The Blue People”because the unique azure color of their garments sets them apart from other nomadic peoples of the desert. The Tuareg are Nomads who once traveled Western Africa in great caravans of camels controlling trans-Saharan trade for thousands of years until modern conveyances forced their influence. Today, the Tuareg have settled into sedentary towns that were once the epicenters of trade and power.Delta has forged the clip in the shape of the Tuareg Takouba (warrior’s sword) to celebrate the struggle to maintain one’s identity and cultural values even in the face of a mortal threat. Tuareg is truly an instrument of self expression


CLIP: Sterling Silver or Vermeil replicating the Tuareg Takouba Sword
CAP & BODY: Hand-formed acrylic resin in authentic Tuareg Blue
TRIM: Sterling Silver


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