Francis Goossens Nonagon L139 “Tibaldi” Celluloid Fountain Pen




Francis Goossens Nonagon L139 “Tibaldi” Celluloid Fountain Pen

Francis Goossens aka ‘Fountainbel’ hand made this amazing pen. It fills via custom made Francis Goosens piston Filler. The pen has ebonite feed, and sterling silver trim. We can fit this amazing pen with multiple nib grades.

Nonagon means 9 sided. A pen made in an Odd number of sides when its not a casted pen, but a hand turned pen is extremely difficult to make. When you are cutting a pens facets your can cut each side to make the facets even. But when you do them odd, you have to do one at a time and it makes it very hard. The work on this pen is amazing.

Although this pen is one of his Nonagon pens, this pen was made in a tapered style, which makes it even harder to make. Its made in a tapered way similarly shaped like the L139.


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Weight 5 lbs
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