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I heard about Bryant Greer the old-fashioned way: by word of mouth. Bry has a sterling reputation amongst fountain pen users and collectors (do a search for confirmation). I learned that the shortest distance between a fine fountain pen and me is an e-mail to Bry who answers inquiries quickly and makes the pen appear as if by magic. Bry makes it so easy — TOO easy, which is why I call him the evil Evil Pen Purveyor  — it’s as if all I have to do is tell him I’m thinking about a pen, and he’ll show me an array, at very tempting prices.

Selling is only part of his stellar customer service. Because Bry is also a fine pen aficionado, he understands the fountain pen mentality and wants his customers to be satisfied with their pens. The one time I was disappointed with a purchase, Bry stepped in like a super hero and took care of the situation. That sealed my customer loyalty, and I unequivocally recommend him to all of my friends who appreciate fine writing instruments.

And he’s just a nice, down-to-earth guy, too.

Pass it on.


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