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Montblanc Virginia Woolf Limited Edition Fountain Pen Medium Nib


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This a sealed Virginia Woolf Limited Edition Fountain Pen. It has a Medium nib, and is still sealed. The pictures of the pen outsides of the box are NOT of the actual pen. They are past pictures I took of a different pen. But I wanted to show the detailing of the nib, as its such a beautiful pen. The pen you will get still be sealed, and are the last 3 pictures in the listing.

Here is information from Montblanc

The Writers Edition “Virginia Woolf” is oriented impressively to the literary heritage of the writer it is named after: 75 years after the publication of the novel “The Waves”, finely engraved guilloche work recalls Virginia Woolf’s most outstanding work and her eventful life. In the form of waves, the guilloche work covers the body of jet-black precious resin, underlining the lighty curved silhouette.

Virginia Woolf is considered to be one of the first representatives of classical modernism. She developed the story-telling technique of the “interior monologue”, which she used most consistently in her novel “The Waves”, which appeared in 1931. Virginia Woolf shaped this avant-garde technique with an expressly feminine subjectivity and autobiographical elements to create milestones in feminist literature such as “Orlando” or
“Mrs Dalloway”.


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