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Omas “New Style” Paragon Guilloche Fountain Pen

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Omas “New Style” Paragon Guilloche Fountain Pen

This pen is a true prototype pen. A pen that never was made in regular production. The trims on the section are a bronze color. The trims are tarnished pretty badly, so its hard to know if its vermeil. The Trims on the cap look more gold than bronze, but the section looks like actual bronze to me. I did try to polish it a bit, but with not much success. The nib is a blacked out and has a very cool look to it. The pen has a very distressed and rustic look. Im not sure if that was what they were going for or if its just tarnished. :) The Guilloche is a crisscrossed style. This pen is Piston Filled and has a 18k Fine nib. Functionally, the pen is brand new and the Guilloche is perfect. This is why I feel like they meant to make the trims look distressed as the reset of the pen is great. Piston if functioning perfectly and the nib looks brand new and un-inked. It comes with an Omas box, but no papers.

L1030302-001 copy L1030303-001 copy L1030304-001 copy L1030305-001 copy



Omas Nibs -Fine
Trim Color Gold
Nib content 18kt Gold
Filling System Piston Filler
Material Acrylic/ Resin
Type Fountain Pen
Nib size #6 size
Condition New
Brand Omas