Stipula Argo Limited Edition Fountain Pen with 18K Gold Nib




Argos is Odysseus faithful dog. He has been waiting for his master’s return to Ithaca from the Trojan War for over twenty years. He is the first to recognize the King even though Odysseus is disguised as a beggar. As soon as Argos recognizes his master having fulfilled his destiny of faith by laying his eyes upon him once more, he releases a final whisper and dies.
The emotion of this piece of the poem is extremely high. Homer’s describes in his verses the dog’s death and the feeling is the same as if it was an hero.
From time immemorial the dog has been the most faithful friend of man and Stipula decided to dedicate the dog this new fountain pen with its outstanding pen holder.
Argos lays waiting for his master. It is a singular sculpture realized by a Florentine goldsmith for Academia Collection: a bronze casting with a particular hot gold finishing which prevents from oxidation and keeps the sculpture shining on a basement made of green marble from Guatemala.
The fountain pen with a simple but elegant cylindrical shape is made of turned lathe gold celluloid veined with blue and it is produced in a limited edition of 88 pieces,
The clip in hot gold plated sterling silver has the shape of the legs and the head of the dog. The ring is also in vermeil and it represents a collar with the name of the dog engraved: “Argo”.
The fountain pen has a traditional cartridge/converter filling system and a two tone 18k gold nib.
The MSRP on the Limited Edition 18k gold two tone nib Argo Fountain Pen is $740.00


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