Wancher True Urushi Aka Tamenuri Fountain Pen


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Wancher True Urushi Aka Tamenuri Fountain Pen

This pen is pre-owned, but in like new condition.  It comes complete with original box and papers.  It is equipped with a 18kt Broad nib. It employs a cartridge convertor filling system.

Handcrafted in Japan, Wancher creates writing instruments that honor the art of writing.  Founded in 1990 by owner Taizo Okagaki.

Made from the finest material – Ebonite, crafted by hands of skillful craftsmen and embraced with true values of Japanese traditional arts, Dream Pen is created for you not only to experience a great writing but also to enjoy truly beautiful arts from Japan. True Urushi carries the beauty of a traditional art which has the history dated back to 9000 years ago. Crafted by skillful artisans from Wajima – the land of Japanese Urushi – each fountain pen is a true artwork worth the appreciation of receivers.

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