Consignment Policies

Here is an outline of our consignment Policies

  •  Prior to sending us any pens, please contact us to ensure timing is right and the pens you would like to sell are a good fit.
  • After reaching out, we will send you a Consignment Pen Spread Sheet for you fill out. We do this in order to be sure all your pens are accounted for once they arrive.
  • Once we receive the pens, we price them and ok the prices with you. We price pens in order for them to sell. We will not price pens over market value, or under market value. Of course if you have an idea of what you would like them to list for, we are 100% open to conversation. But we want to be sure your pens sell and don’t sit around for months on end.
  • We will not give prices with out the pens being here in hand.
  • If the prices work, we image, edit, list, sell and ship.
  • We require 120 days to sell the pens once we have received them here. If you want them back prior to the 120 day period, we require the consignment fees. Most pens are sold long before then if priced correctly.
  • Shipping costs to Chatterley, any Customs/Duties/Brokerage or other shipping fees and Shipping Costs back to the consignor if the consignor would like your pens back are the responsibility of the consignor.
  • We charge 30% of the selling price after fees if you would like to be paid out. If you prefer to use the money in the store on pens, we charge 20% instead of the 30%. There is 3.5% in PayPal/CC fees and a $1 per package for shipping supplies. We take 30% or 20% of the total after those fees are deducted.
  • There is a Minimum fee of $50 per pen.
  • Be sure the pens are cleaned and ready to sell. If they are not, we charge $20 per pen to disassemble, clean and polish.
  • We offer “free” shipping for customers who choose ground shipping in the US. These shipping charges will be taken out prior to our selling fees as a flat fee of $20.
  • We pay out on the 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • Consignments are returnable under our return policy, so only pens that have passed this time are paid out.

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