Loyalty/Founders Pricing- What is it? Do I get it?

FAQ on Loyalty Discounts

  • What is the Loyalty discount?
If you’ve bought from us at anytime you get a loyalty discounts on any pen that says “Contact us for Chatterley Loyalty Discount”. If it says that, email us at Info@chatterleyluxuries.com to request the code for that pen. If it does not say that in the description then it does not get a Loyalty discount.
  • Why don’t all pens have a loyalty discount?
There are a few reasons why a pen might not get a discount. Used pens-We take a large number of consignment pens on for customers and these prices are set. Other reasons might include the pen is on closeout/inventory reduction or if a pen is priced a collector New Old Stock Piece. There could be others, but to make it easy, it will say contact us if there is a discount.
  • How much are the discounts?
It ranges from $50 in the thousands depending on the pen. Most range in the $100 zone.
What is the Founders Discount?
Founders is just like the Loyalty except applied only to Chatterley Collaborations.

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