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In less than a decade, penmaker and entrepreneur David Oscarson has created an eponymous brand of writing instruments that is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and style. By using only the finest materials and production techniques, Oscarson has taken the writing pen from a merely functional instrument of everyday use to the latest must-have luxury item.
Boasting exceptional detail, and brilliant colors, each limited edition pen is extremely labor-intensive to produce. The pens are hand-crafted from solid Sterling Silver, which gives them a distinctive weight and luster. Each David Oscarson pen passes through multiple stages of precision engraving, creating a distinctive ornamental pattern known as Guilloché. “We could cast or stamp pattern into metal,” says Oscarson, “but we wouldn’t achieve the refraction of light that we do with Guilloché.”
It’s just one of the top-quality touches that the designer insists upon. Another unique characteristic of the pens is their rich, almost fire-lit hues. According to Oscarson, the vibrant colors are created using a rare time-consuming hot enamel process. It begins when a hand-ground mixture of crushed glass, water and metal oxides is applied to the surface of the pen, which is then kiln-fired in excess of 1,000 degrees, forming a layer of glass. Once cooled, the piece’s surface is ground with a diamond file, then buffed and polished. This process is repeated until at length, a perfect finish of translucent glass enamel is achieved.
It’s a complex endeavor requiring great skill and expertise on the part of the artisan. But, says Oscarson, it creates unparalleled results and is well worth the time investment. “We could make a lesser quality pen,” he offers, “but to me, anything worth doing is worth doing the very best.”
Due to the amount of labor that goes into creating each pen, Oscarson has kept most of his collections to a minimal 88 pieces. “Our production is limited because of the meticulous care and painstaking detail that goes into each and every pen,” he says. With only five to seven goldsmiths working in his shop at any given time, no more than 10 units can be produced in a week. In the world of high-end writing instruments, that makes Oscarson like a little fish in a big pond.
Despite his company’s diminutive size, Oscarson’s products have received glowing remarks from industry publications, including Robb Report’s prestigious Best of the Best award: once for his Harvest Collection, again for his Pierrot and Pierrette, and most recently for his special edition diamond-encrusted Celestial Collection. “It’s a huge honor,” he says.
Oscarson looks to numerous sources for his design inspiration. In additional to his faith, which fueled both his popular Harvest and Celestial collections, Oscarson has relied heavily on his family and heritage for ideas for many of his pieces. His latest offering, a three-piece collection named Valhalla, attributes its Viking-inspired designs – complete with long ship and runestone detail – to the designer’s Scandinavian roots.
Regardless of the source of inspiration, Oscarson treats all his designs like his children. “They’re very personal,” he says. At a starting price of $4,500 for a fountain pen, Oscarson admits his creations are an investment, but because he uses only the finest materials and techniques, he considers each one to be an heirloom quality piece worthy of being handed down from generation to generation. The core concepts of quality, heritage and family drive David Oscarson – both professionally and personally. “Along with the love and values you hand down, this is something physical you can hand down to your children,” he says.
“But it’s not just the pen or object,” he continues. “Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, ‘The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.’ So gifts are symbols – expressions of emotions that should be shared more often.”

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