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DAl 1982 una storia tutta italiana

In 1982 a new innovative Italian writing instruments manufacturer was established through the partnership of Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente, named Delta S.r.l.

Delta offers to the president of Italy, Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, a very precious writing instrument dedicated to the hero of 2 worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi, produced as a limited edition.

From the beginning, Delta has chosen only the highest product standards to enter into the very demanding and competitive international consumer market. Delta has chosen to control every aspect of the pen manufacturing process in its Southern Italian facility under the watchful eyes of skilled artisans.

Tradition and innovation

Delta’s research & development department has also committed itself to the study of innovative and exotic materials. The Extrema collection, the world’s first writing instruments made of carbon fibre and titanium is the result of this intensive research and development.

Delta’s projects have always become a reality due to a great determination that has allowed Delta to present its most prestigious and exclusive to Ministers and Head of State.

Research and experience

A peak position reached as a result of the quality and the design that characterized all of its production, in particular; the engagement dedicated to every phase of production, the great attention employed in the choice of materials and to the detailed concentration with which every detail is made.

Supporting the culture of the design and declaring that etiquette is not just a label, Dolcevita collection is born, a perfect equilibrium of design and a harmonious chromatic combination of the colors orange and black, immediately prevails like Delta’s own identity and becomes the institution, recognizable and communicative.

Products manufactured using special resins, turned by hand from solid bar, and precious metals, materials of unquestionable level of richness which are synonyms of quality and reliability, Delta, artigiani della scrittura (craftsmen of writing), is one of the few companies in the writing instruments field that is still all Italian.

DELTA: The writing instrument of important events

As sponsor of the “G7 Summit” held in July 1994 in Naples Italy, Delta offered the G7 limited edition to the 7 great leaders of leading economic nations, as part of a limited edition comprised of 1994 pieces. This 3 – piece limited edition set was available to collectors and pen enthusiast around the world.

In 1995, Delta was the first company in the world to reintroduce the rare and intriguing antique lateral lever filling system, a system introduced in early 1990’s and very much treasured by pen collectors. A system perfected by Delta to make it very reliable.

Delta was also chosen to create a special pen for the city of Venice in Italy. On September 7, 1998 the Mayor of Venice received and declared the Venezia – limited edition, the official pen of the city of Venice. Due to the special design, style and materials used for the Venezia, Pen world magazine readers awarded this very special collection with the trophy for the Best Limited Edition 1998.

Delta has become the writing instrument of important events and important individuals, characterized for its quality and technology, which has granted it with appreciation from collectors, connoisseurs and pen enthusiasts from all over the world.

New interpretations of the classic design with a contemporary direction: this is what is proposed by Delta, a company that has rapidly established itself in the top of its market class.

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