AP Limited The US Liberty Maki-e Fountain Pen




AP Limited Editions Liberty Enlightening The World Makie Fountain Pen

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Each pen is designed with an original idea or story in mind. THE U.S. LIBERTY is a tribute to the United States of America. It is a salute to Independence, to Liberty and to Freedom.

This particular pen was conceptualized during a trip to Japan when I saw shibayama inlay and Maki-e on a plaque that read ‘A Tribute to Freedom’ in a museum in Kyoto. I saw the most stunning representation of Maki-e with shibayama inlay with the US Flag. It is from this unique piece that I derived my inspiration to create a pen with The Statue of Liberty using inlay and Maki-e.

The search for the right artist was a long and ambitious one. Maki-e has rarely been done on a theme such as this and I was keen to work with just the best artist for this project. My search ended when I met with Yuhaku San at a banquet hosted in my honor in Yamanaka.

THE U.S. LIBERTY stands for Freedom, for Liberation and as a tribute to America!

AP Limited Editions welcomes you to enjoy this pen and find true liberation and freedom in Life.

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