Armando Simoni Club Triangolo Arco Green Fountain Pen




Armando Simoni Club Triangolo Arco Green Fountain Pen

So there is something this is not mentioned in ASC copy below… There is a little notch for the roller clip. Although to some this might be something that is inconsequential for some people. We’ve bought and sold many many pens and these kinds of small detail just shows the amount of thought gone into every part of the pen.

The beauty of Triangolo starts with an unusual curved triangular shape. In the history of writing instruments, two brands are known for making triangular-shaped fountain pens: Triad and Omas. In the 1920s, Triad made high quality celluloid pens in the USA; in the 1990s, OMAS produced their beautiful “360” fountain pens in Italy.

In 2020, Armando Simoni Club designed a beautiful new fountain pen inspired by the curved triangle.

The result is a large pen that pen fits comfortably in a writer’s hand, with a grip section transitions from triangular to circular to allow the best writing angle.

ASC’s filling system has a large capacity, more than double that of many pens. You open the pen by simply pulling the cap and barrel apart, and close it by gently sliding the cap onto the barrel until you feel a soft click.

The retail is of this pen is $ 1,595.00

Key Features of this Fountain Pen:

  • Original OMAS celluloid Arco Green material.
  • Greek classic motifs engraving over the cap band.
  • Click-in inner cap lock 
  • Compressor Filling System
  • Length 156 mm, Diameter 17 mm ( same as Bologna Extra )
  • Ebonite Feeder
  • Gold trim or rhodium trim at choice
  • Nib is # 8 Magic Flex Rhodium or  Gold nib

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Trim Color