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Chatterley Pens / Stipula Bertinoro Nocciola Hazelnut Celluloid Limited Edition Rollerball Speedball Pen #1/3

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From Firenze and the Italian Pen manufacturer Stipula, and the creative mind at Chatterley Pens comes a custom celluloid rollerball pen.  This pen was made with a stunning celluloid, mixing hues of gold, yellow, amber and chocolate browns.. The clip was inspired by the famous column at Bertinoro.

Bertinoro is known for its hospitality. An interesting feature here is the 13th century Colonna Delle Anella. Visiting traders were the main source of news, so the main families would argue constantly about who had precedence to offer shelter to travelers. The Column of Hospitality, or “of the Rings”, solved this problem: visiting travelers would tie their horse to one of the rings, and the family “owning” that ring had the right to offer hospitality to that traveler. This tradition remained for centuries, and is still repeated annually on the first weekend in September.

Gold Vermeil (925 Sterling Silver plated with Gold) was the metal of choice for the trim, and it blends seamlessly with this celluloid. All the Vermeil trim has been brushed partially to add texture and make this pen stand out from your standard style of trim.

This edition is limited to 3 pens worldwide. This is a rollerball pen that refills with liquid fountain pen ink, via Stipula’s in house power filling system. The MSRP on this pen is $1150.

There were also 20 Fountain pens fashioned in the same style and material. They feature a 14kt gold nib available in either F, M or Stub.


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