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Chatterley Pens / Stipula Etruria 991 Verde Limited Edition Speedball Rollerball pen


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In 1991, Stipula presented “Etruria,” a fountain pen in cellulose acetate named for the ancient land in which it was created. The ancient Etruscans settled these lands, now known as Tuscany, where they practiced their sophisticated metal casting techniques, creating objects that are the essence of craft excellence.

Ten years later, Stipula came out with the Tenth Anniversary edition of the “Etruria” pen.

Now 20 years later, the Stipula 991 Etruria Verde was released for the 20th anniversary Etruria.

Both the fountain pen and the speedball have silver trim. The accents are cast in sterling silver by the cire-perdue method and highlighted with rings of gold.

The Speedball version of the Etruria 991 Verde is a limited Edition numbered to 3 pens worldwide.. The Stipula speedball is essentially a rollerball pen that refills with liquid fountain pen ink.  The material and trim are the same on the speedball, and the speedball accepts either cartridges or a converter, that is included with the pen.

The MSRP on Stipula Etruria 991 Verde Limited Edition Speedball is $799.

Also view the fountain pen version here:


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