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Chatterley Pens / Stipula Gladius Limitado Bronzo Speedball Rollerball Pen


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With all the spirit of the Roman inovations and conquests comes a magnificent pen, The Gladius Limitado, an exclusive with Pentime and Chatterley Pens.

The Gladius (Latin: glădĭus) was the Latin word for sword and is used to represent the primary sword of Ancient Roman soldiers.

Created in radient Red and Green Tibaldi Celluloid, and beautifully accented with bronze trim. The clip, resembling a Gladius that would have been standard issue to any Roman Soldier, used 2000 years ago. Functionality with art of this pen is ideal, it is a liquid filled rollerball and has a fantastic bronze clip.  The Stipula Speedball is essentially a rollerball pen that can be refilled using fountain pen ink, and the material and trim are the same on the speedball.The speedball accepts either cartridges or a converter, which is included with the pen. This exclusive project with Pentime and Chatterley pens is numbered to 3 and the MSRP on the $899.00


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