Conklin Heritage Sleeve-Filler Brown Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Conklin Heritage Sleeve-Filler Brown Limited Edition Fountain Pen

This pen has a Medium nib.

Today’s Conklin® Heritage™ Collection blends the original vision of the most striking of vintage models paired with today’s cutting-edge technology in materials and manufacturing. We have chosen classic, innovative designs and filling mechanisms from the golden age of fountain pens.

Our Heritage™ Collection models are a tribute to both Roy Conklin as well as the pioneering spirit of the golden age of fountain pen manufacturing.

The very core of Yafa’s vision is to celebrate the spirit of Conklin® as well as to ensure continual ability to pay tribute to the history of the fountain pen through sophistication and elegance, carried through to modern designs.

The Heritage™ Collection is a celebration of many early fountain pen designs and filling mechanisms.

Each collection will be created in a numbered special edition of finishes throughout the year.

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