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Montblanc Limited Edition Karl the Great Fountain Pen


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Montblanc’s beautiful Karl the Great Fountain Pen, dedicated to the founder of western culture. Produced in 2000 as a worldwide limited edition of 4,810 pieces, the uniqueness of which is guaranteed by Montblanc. With the Limited Edition Karl der Grosse, Montblanc is honoring a great king and the founder of the Carolingian renaissance. Charlemagne promoted the fusion of the humanistic ideals of antiquity with the intellectual inheritance of the Germanic world. Thus the high values of Christianity became the heart of a new Western culture and a new European identity. This was possible because he actively cultivated contacts with the great minds of his day – scholars, architects and artists. His imperial palaces became the cultural and artistic centers of his pan-European empire. The renowned palace schools which were created there were also the source of an early form of standard grammar, and of the famous Carolingian minuscule, the forerunner of all western writing systems. Thus Charlemagne is one of the great figures of world history to whom Montblanc pays tribute each year. People who have devoted their lives to serving those values to which Montblanc also committed: the promotion of art and culture.


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