Taccia Pantheon Pearl Rollerball

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Taccia Pantheon Pearl Rollerball

This pen is pre-owned, but is like new.  It comes complete with box and papers.

Taccia proudly presents the luxurious Pantheon, in the tradition of its highly touted Mother-of-Pearl collection. The Pantheon is one of the great accomplishments of art, architecture and engineering. Built in 127AD as a temple dedicated to the Roman gods, and now a Christian church, its dominating portico and dome have influenced artists ever since. Taccia’s Pantheon series has columnar barrels boldly decorated with mother-of-pearl and black inlaid rings. Six hand-cut pearl stripes decorate the cap with platinum-plated clip and band. The pen’s solid build and girth belie its affordable price. The Pantheon comes in a capped rollerball or a fountain pen with a large stainless steel nib. Its luxury materials and appealing lines embody the beauty of the landmark it represents.

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