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Visconti Art of Writing Set-Green


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Visconti Art of Writing Set-Green

Visconti Art of Writing Set-Green Visconti Art of Writing Set-Green

Visconti has gathered in a single box, a set of handwriting tools that cover the evolution of the pen from the glass nib to gel refills. These tools will allow you to explore different handwriting styles and techniques through history and to elevate handwriting to an artistic level.

Each set includes: a fountain pen, a stiloforo (deskpen) and
five interchangeable sections. Working by cartridges or refills (roller, rollergraphic, extraflex nib or firm stub nib) – with the exception of the glass nib, which needs to be dipped in ink.

The glass nib is a Thirties original, produced in Germany, and is suitable for extra-fine rigid writing.

If you fancy the complexity of gothic style, instead you can alternate fine and bold lines with the use of a single tool – the stub nib.

For a creative and smooth writing style in different ink colors,  the rollergraphic will truly make a difference, instead.

For a classic style, use the ball point, featuring a cutting-edge refill with gel ink.

Finally, the extraflex nib is the optimal tool for English cursive and any other type of writing.

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