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Visconti Chatterley Southwest Celluloid Opera Master 10th Anniversary LE Fountain Pen


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Visconti Chatterley Southwest Celluloid Opera Master 10th Anniversary LE Fountain Pen

This pen is pre-owned, but is in like new condition.  It comes with its original wooden box and paperwork.  It is equipped with a 23kt Palladium Extra Fine nib and fills via Double Reservoir Power Filler.  It is LE #06/10.

An exclusive made for Chatterley Luxuries and Pen Time, LLC.

About the pen-

This pen is based off of the Opera Master Fountain Pen. Its made from True Celluloid made popular by Visconti with the Visconti Speakeasy and St Basil Fountain Pens. The celluloid has blues, reds and brown rust colors.  This celluloid is amazing. On the Opera Master, it allows the Celluloid to speak alone. No interruptions. It has a reminiscence feel of the southwest. Celluloid has become a rare commodity. Almost no new celluloid is being made anymore because the minimums, cost and time to cure makes it almost impossible to create new designs. Plus on top of that its highly flammable when its being turned and curing, so its illegal to produce in many countries. Its completely safe in the final product, so no need to worry. 🙂

The pen comes with either  Yellow Gold Vermeil (Gold plated Sterling Silver), Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Vermeil.

The pens have Blue Enamel on both the clip as well as between the 3 rings on the cap.

The nib is the 23k Palladium nib, and comes in either Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad or 1.3 Stub widths.

The filling system on these pens are Visconti’s patented Double Reservoir Power filler and hold quite a bit of ink. They also have an ink window so you can see how much ink is in the first reservoir.

All three versions are numbered and limited to only 10 pens worldwide to commemorate Chatterley’s 10th anniversary.


About the Anniversary and a message from Bryant Greer, owner of Chatterley Luxuries and Pen Time

From a young age I was always into pens and pencils of all styles. When I was in grade school, we were not allowed to use Fountain Pens, but I was still intrigued by them. When I was 13, I did a “Memoir” and dedicated a page to Pens and Pencils. I even went so far to  “create” my own pens. The first “Chatterley Pens”.

After College I found that there were many companies still selling Fountain Pens. I was currently collecting Vintage Glass and other random Vintage items (trunks, watches and anything else that fancied me) Most of the time, I hit antique and second hand stores. In 2000 I joined ebay (same account we use for the business this day) and was buying vintage and modern pens and tinkering with them. Some I sold, some I gave away and some I still have to this day. One of the first Modern Limited Edition Fountain Pens I bought was a Visconti Millennium Arc in Blue. This coupled with some other pens got me hooked. 5 years later we had gained so many amazing customers from buying, selling and repairing, I decided to reach out to a few distributors so I could provide new pens along with vintage and offer support for after sales. We did exclusives then as well, and 10 years later leads us here. We have been very honored and very thankful for all the support through the years by our customers, families and friends. In commemoration of our 10th Anniversary we have designed in collaboration with a few manufactures exclusives to honor this anniversary. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Bryant Chatterley Greer

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