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Visconti Knights Templar Limited Edition Fountain Pen with Rubies


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About 700 years ago with an infamous charge of heresy the Order of the Knight Templars was outlawed, the knights killed and their fortunes confiscated.
The Order, founded around the year 1118, owed its name to the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic sanctuary located in the whereabouts of the Biblical Temple of Jerusalem; the Templars used to call this Dome ‘‘Templum Domini’’
The Knight Templars are remembered for the economic and cultural development they had brought throughout Europe and they are still cited today as shining example of honesty and utter devotion and faithfulness.
In the common iconography the Knight Templars represent the right thing that can only be destroyed by mere economical interests.
This fountain pen has been inspired by the legendary white robe with the red cross the Knight Templars used to wear.
Since they were a military order the metallic finishing of the pen recalling the iron and the steel have been duly aged.
The seal bears as well an important historical charge: it portrays two knights, symbol of poverty and of the duality friar –soldier.

Technical Characteristics

Limited Edition to 112 fountain pens

Material: Ivory- colour resin

Art work: Aged filigree

Red Maltese Cross enriched with rubies

Filling system: Double Reservoir Power Filler

Nib: 23k Palladium nib

Available in EF, F, M, B, BB and 1.3 Stub


Weight 1 lbs


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