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Chatterley Pens/ Delta Turchese Meraviglia II Oversized Fountain Pen


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The Turchese Meraviglia Fountain Pen was one of the nicest pens Ive done. Because of this, Delta wanted to do this pen in an oversize version with gold trim. This was supposed to be a full worldwide launch, but I was able to convince them to only do 25 of them and let me have them exclusively… it took some time and pressure, but here they are.

The Turchese Meraviglia II Limited Edition Fountain Pen. Limited to 25 pens worldwide.
100% True Turquoise Celluloid
2 toned 14k Solid Gold Oversized nib (Delta only does single toned nibs now, so this was a little extra, but I think it was worth it)
Piston Filler
Gold Vermeil Trim
Available in Fine, Medium, Broad or Stock Stub nibs. (Stubs will be $30 more as thats my cost on them on this project)

Because of my continued growing relationship with yafa and Delta Ive been able to offer these pens for a great price. Order your favorite number and nib size today! The pen is in stock and ready to ship.


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