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Danitrio Byakudan-nuri Blue on Mikado Round top Fountain Pen

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Danitrio Byakudan-nuri Blue on Mikado Round top Fountain Pen

Byakudan-nuri is the style of sprinkling Kin-Dei (gold powders mixed with glue) or Gin-Dei (Silver powders mixed with glue) on surface of the pen and applying a final coat with clear Urushi to finish.  While more subtle then other styles of Danitrio pens, it is equally as special.  

Danitrio makes remarkable hand painted pens using the Japanese skill and craftsmanship. The amount of details on the pen is remarkable. The little details may easily be overlooked. One thing to consider is how the artist uses difference sizes of gold flake to create the desired effect. This pen takes many months to finish.


The pen fills via Eyedropper and features an 18kt gold nib.

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