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Danitrio Phantas Rollerball Pen


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Danitrio Phantas Rollerball Pens

Simply put, the “snake pen“. Presented for sale here is a well made Danitrio Rollerball Pen, made of black resin with snakes wrapped around the body and cap of the pen. Carefully placed stones in the eye sockets create a nice effect.

The cap posts very well on the bottom of the pen, as the pen is threaded on the bottom side, making it very user friendly. Additionally the Danitrio Phantas Rollerball comes in a nice wooden box. This pen is available as a fountain pen or rollerball.

At Danitrio they decided rather to focus on a smaller range of pens, particularly the hand painted Maki-e pens. These pens here have been kept for more than 15 years in good quality.


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