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Monblanc Agatha Christie Emerald Eyes Press Limited Edition Fountain Pen – RARE


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This was made in many versions.
The most popular is the Silver Fountain Pen, Ruby red eyes, limited to 30000 pens worldwide, released August 1993. There was also a Vermeil version, limited to 4810 pens, released September 1993. Also in September 1993, there were 120 Sterling Silver pens with emerald eyes given to Journalists and other popular public figures. On them was the engraving ‘Press XXX”. This particular pen is “Press 70”, so its 70/120. There were also 120 of the same pen in Vermeil given out in December the same year.
This also does not include the sets, ball points or Imperial Dragon pens made the same year…
These are very, very rare. I have only seen one other up for sale. The pen is in mint condition, and it it still has its “M” nib sticker on it. The Sterling Silver Trims have some tarnish on it. I would be surprised with a pen thats almost 20 years old not to, but this can polished off very quick and easy, I have not done this, just in case the person who buys it wants it as is. If you want it nice and shiny, I will be more than happy to polish before I ship. Email me for pricing.


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