Montblanc #4B Octagon Safety Filler with Gold Overlay Fountain Pen


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Presented for sale here is a vintage Montblanc #4B Octagon Safety Filler Fountain Pen.

This pen has the correct #4 nib and Engraving, the nib is nice and flexible. Will be a beautiful writer if someone was so inclined. The overlay adds size to these pens. So even though this is a #4 which considered small by todays modern pens, the overlay adds size to it so its more like a #6 sized pen.


The Montblanc Octagonal pens are more rare, this coupled with the fact its an overlay makes this one a nice find. The Overlay on the pen has quite a bit of Brassing. But still is a a beautiful example of an early 1900s.

The pen is fully restored by one of the most well known and respected restorers Osman Sümer.

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