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Montblanc Vintage 333 1/2 White in Blue Fountain Pen


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Up for sale is Vintage Montblanc 333 1/2 White in Blue Fountain Pen. This pen was made between 1936-7. It has a Medium nib with flex, The nib is correct and matches the blind cap. The Pen has a rare and early piston system with DRP ANGEM ( patent applied for) on the barrel. The piston filler is fully working and has been restored by a well known Montblanc expert. This pen is in excellent condition. The blue and white color is amazing and the celluloid is almost perfect condition. The Engravings are crisp and still bright white. There is a spot or two on the clip, but besides that, the pen is in really amazing condition. The blue pens in general are quite rare and to have one thats in this condition is not common. The pen has no cracks, dents on it, neither has it had any repaired at any time. All the parts are original.


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