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Pilot Custom 845 Vermillion Urushi Fountain Pen


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Pilot Custom 845 Vermillion Urushi Fountain Pen


Pilot Custom 845 Red Lacquered Fountain Pen Pilot Custom 845 Red Lacquered Fountain Pen

The Custom 845 is the newest series to launch in the Custom line of fountain pens for the United States. The Custom line was first introduced by Pilot in 1971 to create a range of fountain pens that are truly tailored to the users writing preferences. Each series in the Custom line offers distinctive benefits, ranging from nib sizes to ink reservoir/converters to body style or size.

The Custom 845 is extremely popular worldwide because of its unique Urushi lacquer finish, two-toned 18kt gold nib (size #15) and large barrel size. A Pilot Con-70 converter is included.

Lacquering is a process used to create a special protective and decorative coating on wood or other materials.
Lacquering in Japan is a very traditional art form, having been used for thousands of years. Japanese lacquer, called Urushi, is a natural material taken from Japanese lacquer trees. Distinct properties of Urushi lacquer create a higher quality product, with greater strength and aesthetics, compared to alternative lacquering materials.

The Pilot Custom 845 is crafted from special Japanese ebonite and lacquered using only pure Urushi lacquer, free of manufactured oils that might harm the final product.

All Custom 845s are lacquered, cured, and polished three times to create an unrivaled quality product. Because of the tremendous skill required to achieve the finish, Pilot employs skilled craftsman to create the Custom 845, refusing to outsource production.  The combination of raw materials and fine craftsmanship create a quality writing instrument and a work of art.

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