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Scribo Feel Mosto Fountain Pen


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Scribo Feel Mosto Fountain Pen

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We celebrate the end of 2022 and the beginning of the New Year by paying homage to one of the most typical products of our beautiful Italy: wine.

Knowing how to make good wine means knowing the land, understanding its secrets and changes, through a method that has been handed down from ancient generations. That is why wine making is considered a true art.

Among the various steps in making red wine, after crushing or pressing, we obtain must “Mosto”, thick, cloudy liquid rich in reddish colors.

The must represents the beginning of the fermentation process that will lead, after long and laborious steps, to the actual wine.

Another method, much faster, allows to benefit from the flavors of the grapes harvested during the last harvest: this process allows to make Novello wine.

We dedicate our new FEELs to Mosto, with its colorful red tones, and to Novello wine, with its very deep red color; each of them are made of resin and embellished with yellow gold trim and available in only 219 pieces per color.

FEEL Mosto, has variegated shades of purple-red, ruby-red, garnet-red and orange-red, all the colors that red wine can acquire during its evolution.

Feel the writing. FEEL.

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