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Stipula Etruria Tuscany Dreams Fountain Pen in Peposo (Black), Siena (Tortoiseshell) and Riserva (Clear)

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Etruria Tuscany Dreams


“The Greek culture, that has been extinct for a long time, even in Greece, was resurrected and lives in Florence”
Poliziano (1454 – 1494)

Between the fifteenth and eighteenth-century Florence and Tuscany developed the greatest artistic power of all time. In these lands for centuries has evolved a cult of beauty that has conquered not only Italy but the whole world.

The fortune of our homeland lies in the wise policy of the Medici family. They well knew that their State counted for little in the eyes of the great chancelleries of Europe, both from a political point of view and from a military one. With enviable intelligence they staked all on art and culture, so that their city was transformed into a new Athens, a microcosm of beauty.

Medici also knew well ahead of their time, the importance of getting the best from the so-called “tourism of ‘elite’. This is why they financed the greatest artists who ever lived.

Stipula has always honored the prosperous land of Tuscany in all its collections. Etruria Tuscany Dreams represents a thanksgiving to the Medici family and the painters, sculptors, architects and scientists who have made Florence and Tuscany an enchanted place that the whole world envies us.

Made of black resin, the pen is adorned with a magnificent bronze clip, finished in a rose gold patina, in which there are two masterpieces of Florence: the dome of Florence’s Cathedral and Michelangelo’s David. The band on the cap in the foreground depicts the coat of arms of the Medici. Adorning the rest of the ring the portraits of three genius’ born in Tuscany: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Dante Alighieri.

Etruria Tuscany Dreams is available in 3 versions in this color:

  • Cartridge/converter fountain pen with rose steel nib
  • Tuscany Rollerball
  • Twist ballpoint

The MSRP on the Etruria Tuscany Dreams Cartridge/converter Fountain Pen with rose steel nib is $225

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