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Torelli Parker Giant Blue Fountain Pen with Original Clip and Nib


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Torelli Parker Giant Blue Fountain Pen with Original Clip and Nib

So below are the steps normally used to make some of his amazing 139s and other homage pens. This pen is extra special.

-Not only is it the only one he has ever made, it was made over 10 years ago.

-It was made with an original Parker Giant nib, which at the time costed $700. Now if you could even find one for sale it would be over 1000 just for the nib because of its rarity.

-Its using an original clip. Although he normally manufactures is one trims and clips out of solid gold, this is interesting as it has an original Parker Giant Clip.

-The feed is hand made. Yes, he makes all his own feeds, but this is different it has the original design of the jagged feed for under the nib and the curved part of the feed to ensure good ink flow.

This pen was made from transparent blue resin and is a Eyedropper filler. It does has an engraving on the end of the body that says 01. (first and last time he made one of these pens)

Ive also posted one picture of the pen next to a Montblanc 149 pen and one pictures comparing the 149 nib to this nib to show the sheer size of this pen and nib.


These pens are truly 100% hand made. Every piece is meticulously made by Brad Torelli with the exception of the nib which is vintage.

To start off, he adheres to a ridged uncompromising work ethic, working down to fractions of thousands of an inch and has the fluid ability with measurements in the use of Micrometers, bore gauges, depth gauges, dial indicators and thread gauges. Then geometry and doing multi-lead threading performed on a lathe.

The proper dressing of all cutting tools and the ability to maintain a finely polished razor sharp cutting edge at the correct rake on all cutting tools is key.

Brad has a intimate knowledge of the many different materials that are employed in the manufacture of these pens. Materials used are ones that will survive the test of time. Brad says “I feel a fine pen should survive well past the life of the original owner.”

The body of the pen starting as a lucite barrel are rough sized on the outside and then bored inside which dimensions are held to very close tolerances. Then various operations are performed like polishing the bore for the piston to travel smoothly. Then section is then bored for a proper-press fit of the nib and feed..

The section is threaded into the barrel using special pine tree rosins. Its then warmed to apply it. This is done so repairs can be made as it can also be warmed to remove it.

In addition to the lengthy manufacturing process there is a considerable effort to ensure proper fit of all parts. This can sometimes mean, machining and re-machining until all fit perfect.

In the end, you get a true masterpiece.


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