Visconti Ballpoint Pen Brown Elegance Divina


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Visconti Brown Divina Elegance Ballpoint Pen

This pen, based of the popular Divine Proportions Limited Edition Fountain Pen. It keeps true to that same ratio or proportions determined by Phi (1.618…) also known as the Gold or Divine Proportion.

Making this pen was a daunting task, requiring much thought into how exactly to inlay the sterling silver. Inlay’s can sometimes be much more difficult than overlay’s. In addition to how to do it, Visconti had to take into consideration the fact that the pen spirals around in a very symmetrical proportion, and is made of a solid piece of material.

The pen is made out of Brown Vegetal resin and Sterling Silver inlay spiraling around the whole pen. Here is a video of how they make these pens.

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