Visconti Divina Royale Peau D’Ange Fountain Pen


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Peau D’Ange Divina Royale Visconti Fountain Pen

This pen has been lovingly used.  It comes with a small Visconti box, but no outer sleeve.  It is equipped with a 14kt Medium nib.

This pen, based of the popular Divine Proportions Limited Edition Fountain Pen. It keeps true to that same ratio or proportions determined by Phi (1.618…) also known as the Gold or Divine Proportion.

The Divina Royale is made from turned resin, available in black and ‘peau d’ange’ pink and inlay spiraling around the whole pen. Each pen is embellished with more than 250 Swarovski crystals in the outline of Visconti’s famous spiral. The pen caps also utilize Visconti’s ‘Hook Safe Lock’ system.


The pen uses a very unique and stable “Push Pull Piston Filler”.

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