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Visconti Millionaire Limited Edition Marble Forest Brown Fountain Pen


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Visconti Millionaire Limited Edition Marble Forest Brown Fountain Pen

This pen is the Fountain Pen ONLY. The pictures of the pen below are the ACTUAL pen you will get. This particular pen was one Bryant (owner) kept back when they first came out to keep for himself. But has decided to only keep 1 of the these for the personal collection. It is, in our humble opinion one of two of the nicest Brown Marble pens that we have seen out of the 100+ we have come across. And because no 2 are alike, this particular one has an amazing look that won’t be replicated.

For the first time in the history of writing, Visconti’s Millionaire project has been inspired by the use of marble, one of the most luxurious materials in the world, as both a decorative and a functional element.

Marble, known as the “gleaming stone”┬áhas challenges inherent in working with it and its intrinsic fragility.

With the assistance of skilled artisans, Visconti has succeeded in grinding marble to an infinitesimal thickness and at the same time it has brilliantly resolved the problem of the material’s fragility thanks to the advanced technology developed in its workshop.

The cap and barrel are both made of marble carved out of a slab 3 cm. thick. The marble is first cut into square bars, then hollowed out internally, reinforced, turned on the lathe to the required size, and finally polished.

All parts used in conjunction with the marble are made of resin and turned on the lathe from full bars.

Each pen comes with a separate rollerball section to convert the pen from fountain to rollerball and features Visconti’s 23kt Palladium Dreamtouch nib.

The Fountain Pen fills via a “pull” filler. You simply pull the filling system while the nib/section is in the ink and its filled.

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