Visconti Red Istos Aracnis Limited Edition Fountain Pen




Visconti Red Istos Aracnis Limited Edition Fountain Pen

This pen is used, but in excellent condition. Your choice of new nibs can be put on it.

The Red Istos Aracnis was an USA exclusive and it is a limited edition, numbered to 38. In addition to this number 0, there was a No. 00 made as well, so a total of 40 pens were made in this version.

Istos Aracnis

Meaning spider in Greek, pays tribute to a famous myth where the mortal Arachne challenges the goddess Athena to a weaving competition.  Angering Athena with her overbearing display of pride in her skill as a weaver, Arachne is transformed into a spider and sentenced to weave and spin forever.  Throughout history, the spider has been known to symbolize patience for its hunting technique by spinning the web and waiting for its prey.  Its image has also been associated with mischief and malice because of the slow workings of its venom.

Limited to 38 pieces, the Istos Aracnis marries superior craftsmanship with ancient Greek mythology.  The pen is made from black Lucite featuring a sterling silver overlay cutout in a spider web pattern.  White enamel has been carefully painted red over the web to highlight the pen’s intricate design. Available in fountain pen only, featuring Visconti’s patented ‘double reservoir power filler’ filling system and Visconti’s dreamtouch 23kt palladium nib available in XF,F,M,B,BB and Stub.

MSRP on this brand new pen is $1950

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