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Namiki by Pilot Emperor Maki-e Coral Limited Edition (99 total pens) 2021 Fountain Pen


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Namiki by Pilot Emperor Maki-e Coral Limited Edition 2021 Fountain Pen


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The newest addition to the Namiki Collection is a Limited Edition Emperor called Coral. The exceptional artwork featured on this fountain pen was designed by Seiki Chida (千田 正樹) of the highly revered Kokkokai group. It takes many months to expertly handcraft each Coral pen and there are only 99 available worldwide.

The barrel artwork was designed using the traditional Maki-e lacquer work, Chinkin gold and silver inlay techniques, and stunning mother-of-pearl Raden elements. The Coral has a classical Emperor vest-type body style and is enhanced with a traditional 18-karat gold, rhodium plated nib featuring the iconic silhouette of Mount Fuji, available in Medium or Broad nib sizes.

Coral is a meaningful symbol of life, luck and protection. Coral reefs are magnificent ecosystems for underwater life that affect more than our oceans. These beautiful reefs also protect the world’s coastal areas by reducing waves’ force.

In Japan, Coral is a special birthstone for the month of March and is a traditional 35th wedding anniversary gift, “The Coral Anniversary.” Coral has lived for thousands of years and is often regarded as a good luck charm.

In Greek mythology, Perseus saves the world by beheading the feared Medusa. Medusa’s blood flowed into the Mediterranean Sea and formed the first coral reef. From Perseus’ brave acts, Coral has often been used around the world as a protection against evil spirits.

In recent years, Coral habitats are decreasing in size due to rising ocean temperatures from global warming – one of the leading environmental issues of today. Pilot hopes that the motif of this beautiful pen inspires us to reflect on the importance of protecting our planet.

Each of the 99 Coral fountain pens is presented in a limited edition, jet black case with a serial plate, and is accompanied by a limited edition bottle of black ink. The cap of the ink bottle is adorned with a compass which matches the design on the fountain pen barrel. The elegant presentation box evokes the feeling of water through the beautiful, silky blue fabric.


Below is a picture of the Large #50 nib compared to a Montblanc 149 nib.


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