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Namiki by Pilot Yukari Parrot and Peach Maki-e Fountain Pen


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Namiki by Pilot Yukari Parrot and Peach Maki-e Fountain Pen

This fountain pen was created by maki-e artist Maseru. The latest edition to this exquisite series is the Parrot with Peach. In China, the peach is known not only as a popular fruit, but also as the *hermit*s fruit*. It was believed to have purifying powers and promote perpetual youth and longevity. Even today, on the 3rd of March each year, ceremonies are held to ask for the divine protection of the peach to ensure the health and well being of baby girls. Birds are a good omen, and believed to carry good fortune with them. The plump, soft shape of the peach and the vivid colors of the parrot*s wings give the pen an exuberant richness by using Togidashi-Taka Maki-e technique.

In contrast to the deep design of the Emperor Collection, graceful motifs are drawn on the Yukari Royale Collection. The name comes from the Japanese word “Yukari”, meaning the connection and relationships between people.

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