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Newton for Chatterley Prospector in Celluloid Fountain Pen


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Newton for Chatterley Prospector in Celluloid Fountain Pen

“Chatterley Founders Club” price available. On specific Chatterley Designed, Collaborations or Exclusives we will be offering a special price for anyone who has previously bought any Chatterley Collaboration/exclusives from us. Just email us at info@chatterleyluxuries.com to let us know when and what Chatterley pen you purchased from us to get the Founders Price.

The Chatterley and Newton Pens Celluloid Editions. These a very limited run of Celluloid Prospector pens. Some are only one offs, the most of any of them are 4 in that material.

They are available with 14k Gold nibs. The nibs are oversized #8 nibs with Key Hole breathers and Ebonite Feeds.

The 14k Gold  options are Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad,  Double Broad, Architect Grind and Stub.

These pens are hand turned  and sculpted by Shawn Newton in a triangular shape that is opposite from the cap and body and meeting in the middle where it’s round.

Made from Celluloid, the most coveted material for all pens.

A little about Celluloid-

-Its no longer being made by any manufacture, so once whats out there is gone, that will be the end of Celluloid.

-When it was made, it was highly flammable when curing, so special care needed to be made

-If not cured long enough after it was cut into slabs and into rods, it could bow, so curing was a timely process. Some celluloids need years to cure correctly, although cooking at a slow temperature for some months can speed up this process.

-Almost all celluloid is now at least 10 years old as the cost/quantities and processes need to make celluloid these days is MUCH harder as it was also very toxic to manufacture.


(Omas) Blue Royale (Sold out)

(Omas) Autunno (1 left)

(Omas) Saffron (Sold out)

(Omas) Red Marble (Sold out)

(Omas) Grey Striated (2 left)

(Omas) Green Saft (2 left)

(Omas) Scarlet Red (Sold out)

Each pen comes with a Newton pouch  and mug. (below is a picture of the Micarta Version, but the same packaging comes with this version)





Weight 3 lbs

Nib content


Blue Royale, Autunno, Saffron, Red Marble, Grey Striated, Green Saft, Scarlet Red

Nib grade



Nib size

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Newton for Chatterley Prospector in Celluloid Fountain Pen
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