Pilot 105th Anniversary White Rabbit Emperor Fountain Pen


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Pilot 105th Anniversary White Rabbit Emperor Fountain Pen


Being released under the Pilot rather than the Namiki brand name in order to celebrate the 105th anniversary of Pilot’s founding, the new Pilot Emperor 2023 White Rabbit Limited Edition also celebrates 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit in the Asian calendar. In Japanese culture, the white rabbit holds special significance as a symbol of fortune, longevity, and cleverness. Its appearance is often associated with positive omens and the potential for favorable outcomes.

The 18k solid gold Medium nib is specially inscribed for this edition, and the eyedropper filling system provides for an extremely large ink capacity. Each pen ships in a specially crafted wooden presentation box with a deep blue lining and a serial number plate. A limited edition bottle of black ink has its cap adorned with a gold rabbit. A polishing cloth, an artisan card detailing the creative process, and a comprehensive use and care guide are also included.

Pilot has provided the following notes on the Maki-e techniques used to realize the exquisite motif on this pen:

The pen’s canvas is a reflection of traditional togidashi maki-e with platinum powder as the backdrop. The deity, Okuninushi, is meticulously brought to life using taka maki-e and platinum powder techniques, lending depth and texture to the piece. The clouds, grass, and rabbits are equally captivating, employing taka maki-e to capture fine details with utmost precision. A harmonious blend of togidashi maki-e and raden (mother of pearl) come together to form the waves that backdrop the rabbit, showcasing an exquisite interplay of textures. Among the many highlights, the rocks emerge with striking realism thanks to the shishiai-togidashi takamakie technique.

Each of these traditional maki-e methods carries its own distinct artistry: togidashi maki-e involves polishing layers of lacquer to reveal underlying layers, taka maki-e employs raised designs with multiple layers of lacquer, and raden introduces the shimmering iridescence of mother of pearl. This maki-e piece of art, skillfully integrated into a functional fountain pen, not only captures the essence of Pilot’s legacy but also celebrates the profound artistic heritage of Japan.

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Pilot 105th Anniversary White Rabbit Emperor Fountain Pen
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