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Namiki by Pilot Emperor Double Dragon Fountain Pen


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Namiki by Pilot Emperor Double Dragon Fountain Pen


Below is a picture of the Large #50 nib compared to a Montblanc 149 nib.

Namiki by Pilot Emporer Red Fountain Pen Namiki by Pilot Emporer Red Fountain Pen

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There are two types of Japanese dragons illustrated on the Namiki Emperor Dragon Fountain Pen;  one belonging to the sky while the other is found in bodies of water as illustrated on the cap and barrel of the Emperor-sized pen using the Taka (raised) Maki-e technique, the highest level of advanced Maki-e techniques which requires at least three months to produce.  The sky dragon depicted on the cap of the fountain pen is seen fiercely guardian the pearl within its three-clawed grasp, believed to be the wish-fulfilling pearl jewel.

Fearsome and powerful, dragons are also considered benevolent and the bringers of wealth and good fortune.  In Japanese mythology, the dragon is highly regarded as the Guardian of the East and symbolises strength, power and protection.


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