Pineider Alchemist Kilauea Blue Fountain Pen


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Pineider Alchemist Kilauea Blue Fountain Pen

This pen has been lovingly used.  It comes complete with its box, papers and is equipped with a Steel Fine nib.  It fills via cartridge convertor (included).

The Pineider Alchemist is a new collection of fountain pens made in Florence, Italy, and designed by Dante Del Vecchio. The Alchemist is made of a compound of Zeolite and resin, which is molded and sand blasted. The beautiful dark blue pen is complemented by palladium-plated trim.

The Alchemist features Pineider’s flexible nib, a quill-shaped clip, and a “soft touch magnetic lock” cap system. This fountain pen fills via a piston filler, and is completed with a smooth, soft 14kt gold nib. The nib is flexible for ease of creating line width variation in your writing.

Following the world trend for flexible nibs, this brand new quill nib is described by Pineider as hyperflex with an excellent memory. The project was made to create a nib for daily writing and not for calligraphy whose performance are quite different. The purpose of the new nib is clear: just writing pleasure for everybody, also for beginners. Remember that the nib is the extension of the hand and does not need any pressure to write.

About Zeolite:

Zeolites are minerals of volcanic origin that formed millions of years ago from the encounter of glowing lava and seawater. Today this alchemical transformation of magma occurs with every eruption, for example, in the Kilawea volcano in Hawaii or in the Italian Stromboli.

The name “zeolite” comes from the Greek words “zeo” = “boil” and “lithos” = “stone”, therefore it means stone that boils and derives from the fact that, when it is heated, it releases water without changing the structure and it seems that bubble.

Zeolitic properties are cationic exchange capacity, reversible dehydration, and structural porosity. From zeolite comes a natural remedy to protect and detoxify our organs from toxins that invade our body daily, fight free radicals, expel heavy metals and other harmful substances such as radionuclides and ammonium ion. Zeolite maintains health, improves it or restores it in cases of disease. In Japan zeolites have been approved as food additives since 1996; 39 patents on the application of zeolites in humans have been registered worldwide since 1986. Interest in the Zeolites is constantly increasing all over the world. In fact, in addition to being curative for humans, they are also used in industry, in water desalination plants, in construction, in furnaces, in animal husbandry as medical additives to animal feed, with results in every specific sector always exceptional.

Zeolite enters the pen world with The Alchemist, where tactile feeling and impact resistance are key points for a good pen. The formula developed with over 40% pure and low pressure printed Zeolite gives a velvety surface, a remarkable impact resistance, preserves the anionic and cationic properties of the material, a natural hydrophilia, perfect porosity and excellent grip for the hand.

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Pineider Alchemist Kilauea Blue Fountain Pen

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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