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Platinum Izumo Maki-e Kurikara-Ken (Black Dragon) Fountain Pen

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Platinum Izumo Maki-e Kurikara-Ken (Black Dragon) Fountain Pen

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Platinum Pens has a well-earned reputation for creating stunning Maki-e pens at very reasonable prices, and the new Kurikara-ken is a superb example. Realized in raised Taka Maki-e technique and using the same body as the popular Izumo series, the motif on this pen depicts the epic battle between Fudo Myo-o, one of the Five Great Wisdom Kings of Japanese Buddhism, and a threatening dark demon. In the scene depicted on the pen, Fudo Myo-o has transformed himself into Kurikara, his own sword, in order to do battle with the demon. As the struggle progresses, the demon also transforms into a sword, and Fudo Myo-o then transforms into a dragon to swallow and destroy him. Charcoal powders and black roiro urushi lacquer are combined to create the raised surface of the pen, while silver powder is used to depict Kurikara-ken, Fudo Myo-o’s sword.

The image of Kurikara Ryu-o (the dragon): A technique called sumikoage, in which fine charcoal powders are applied several times to create a three-dimensional effect is used. Then, lustrous roiro urushi lacquer is applied over the matte-finished black urushi lacquer to express the facial expression. This technique, which requires a high skill to illustrate Kurikara Ryu-o dragon against the matte background, allows users to enjoy the changes as the face of the dragon becomes glossier throughout time and regular use.

The image of the huge sword: Black lacquer is applied over the silver parts raised using taka maki-e and the surface is polished to make it stand out. The overwhelming contrast between the dragon and the sword as well as the very detailed finish give volume to the body design thus providing an unparalleled presence to the product.

  • Nib Material: 18K gold
  • Nib Size: Fine
  • Cap Type: Twist cap
  • Body   Charcoal powders on Urushi on ebonite body
  • Size 154.0mm (Total length) x18.0mm(Maximum diameter)
  • Weight 33.5g
  • Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/converter. Uses Platinum converter (included) or Platinum cartridges.

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