Visconti Blue Divina Elegance Maxi Fountain Pen




Large Blue Divina Elegance Maxi Visconti Fountain Pen

This pen is second hand, but its never been inked. So we can put any nib on it.

This Fountain Pen is based on the golden ratio, which according to the classical Greek sculptor Phidias contains the key of knowledge. The number is 1,618 and it corresponds to what is considered a “particularly aesthetic ratio.” This ratio occurs repeatedly in nature and in fact it defines the “ideal relation,” an arithmetic measure which is enjoyable for the eye, called also “golden mean proportion” or “golden section.”

The pen is made out of a Swirled Blue Vegetal Resin and Sterling Silver inlay spiraling around the whole pen. They are fitted with  23k Palladium EF, F, M, B, BB or 1.3 stub. The pen uses a very unique and stable “Push Pull Piston Filler”. Here is a video of how they make these pens.

This Blue Divina employs the pull and twist filling system and is fitted with a 23kt Palladium nib.

Pictured here is the Midi, the Maxi is slightly larger and uses a “number 6 nib”, instead of the midi’s “number 4 nib”. The number does not have anything to do with how the pen writes or the size of the line it puts down. Its just the physical size of the nib.


$1195 MSRP F, M, B, BB

$1255 MSRP EF and Stub

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Weight 2 lbs

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