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Visconti Fountain Pen Homo Sapiens Lava Maxi Large Sterling Silver Trim

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Visconti Sterling Silver Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen

When Visconti first launched the Homo Sapiens line years ago a full desk set was offered. In that desk set a Homo Sapiens fountain pen with Sterling Silver trim was offered.

The Full sets MSRP was $3950. This pen fills via Visconti’s power filling system and it was only ever available if the full desk set was purchased. Here at Chatterley Luxuries we have been able to offer a limited number of Homo Sapiens Sterilng Silver Fountain Pens for sale alone. Supplies are not unlimited so act accordingly!

More than five thousand years ago Homo-sapiens marked the dawn of human history and the invention of writing thus began. The same age discovers metallurgy, allowing the mastery of metals which signified the beginning of human evolution all the way to the invention of the wheel. The first great civilizations arose on the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates river banks and soon began the development of sciences like algebra, geometry, astronomy and engineering.

Visconti conceived the Homo-sapiens range of writing instruments for real writers, for those to whom the fountain pen continues to represent an essential traveling companion, a daily friend to share the same civilization that writing helped create.

The pen is made from a material that is as antique as the world around us: lava from the Etna volcano. Lava has many characteristics that make it very unique in the manufacturing of writing instruments. Visconti has successfully produced a material containing over 50% pure basaltic lava, catalyzed together with resin in a formula that is patented and obviously kept secret. The extraordinary characteristics of basaltic lava practically transform it into a material perfectly fit to writing instruments.

Visconti Lava Fountain Pen characteristics:
Virtually unbreakable: It has a high degree of resilience
Flame-proof: Visconti lava has a resistance to heat of over 100°C
Slightly hygroscopic: allowing it to absorb hand sweat during use
Dense: to the touch, allowing the best possible finger-relaxing grip

Unquestionably new in the range of materials employed in the making of pens.

Visconti celebrates the steel age and adds a new finish to the popular Homo Sapiens pen collection. Bronze trims have been replaced with stainless marine steel trims, silver in color the trim adds a new dimension to the pen. Steel is an alloy that consists mostly of iron and has a carbon content between 0.2% and 2.1% by weight. It is a material that defines mankind’s economic evolution and the advancement in production processes and technologies. As before the trims have been combined with Visconti lava to produce a unique writing instrument with incredible properties.
•             Virtually unbreakable:                   high degree of resilience
•             Flame-proof:                                     heat resistance to heat over 100°C
•             Slightly hygroscopic:                       absorbs hand sweat during use
•             Dense to the touch:                        comfortable to grip and relaxing to write with
A new mid-sized fountain pen has been added to the collection. Similar in size to the rollerball, this new fountain pen fills with ink using its piston filler and features the new midi size 23kt palladium nib, available in F,M and B nib sizes.
Also available in the original maxi size fountain pen featuring the original 23kt dream-touch nib with piston filler, rollerball, ballpoint and pencil.
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